Pressure cleaned Brisbane driveway before and after

How do you know when it’s time to pressure clean your driveway? Is driveway cleaning even necessary? We’ll outline some of the common signs that indicate your home or business could benefit from a driveway cleaning. Maintaining your driveway with regular pressure cleaning can help prevent extensive damage that can be costly to restore.

Consider contacting your local pressure washing business if you notice any of the following issues on the surface of your driveway.

Your Driveway is Dry and Cracked

Small cracks commonly appear on the surface of driveways due to exposure to weather and general wear and tear. These small cracks may not seem like much of a problem, but cleaning them out is essential. Dirt falls into these cracks and can encourage weeds and invasive plants to grow, increasing the width of these once small cracks. Regular driveway cleaning can help prevent these cracks from forming in the first place. 

This is important, as water enters small cracks, it can freeze and cause those once miniscule cracks to enlarge, creating a significant problem for you and may require reconcreting. If the crack is larger than a hairline, it may also need to be filled in addition to cleaned. 

You Can See a Layer of Dirt and Dust

Poor driveways, they have to endure a lot of traffic coming from heavy cars and many shoes that track dirt, mud, grass, and dust all of them! This dirt can accumulate quite quickly, and your driveway can quickly become an eyesore in your neighbourhood.

More than the aesthetics, a driveway that has dirt and dust sitting on its surface and in between cracks or holes can deteriorate faster, mixing with concrete and causing it to crumble, significantly decreasing its lifespan. Organic matter thrives in dirty spaces, and before you know it, weeds can start popping up all over your driveway.

To prevent weeds, cracks, and warping, arrange to have your driveway cleaned as soon as possible when dirt and debris is easily noticeable to the naked eye.

Your Driveway Surface is Slick or Slippery

When oil leaks from a parked car, it often will stick around and cause an oil slick to form. Not only does this look unkempt and messy, it poses a safety threat to anyone visiting your home, as the surface becomes slippery, and could lead to a fall. In Brisbane, Ipswich and other areas of Queensland, the hot weather can cause oil slicks to become even more solidified, and stick around longer.
Another reason your driveway could be slippery is the build up of mould. After periods of rain, moisture can get trapped and when mixed with dirt and microbes, become a breeding ground for mould to form. 

Unsightly Tyre Marks or Other Stains

Tyre marks, oil stains and other marks on your driveway are not only unpleasant to look at, they can actually damage the integrity of your driveway. It’s important to remove any noticeable marks and stains to ensure the concrete/asphalt is able to have a longer lifespan before it needs a full restoration and resealing.

Faded Surface or Discolouration

Exposure to sun and frequent pressure and friction from vehicles inevitably causes some deterioration in your driveway, and this includes how it looks. However, with pressure cleaning, you can remove any dirt and dust that is likely contributing to the dull look of your driveway. This can add great street appeal to your home, and is a must-do if you’re planning on listing your property on the market in the near  future.

To book a quality driveway cleaning in Brisbane or Ipswich, contact the Gutter Guard Guys today on 07 3813 5660 or send us a message.