External House Washing Experts in Brisbane

When was the last time the exterior of your house had a full clean? If you’re anything like most Brisbane homeowners, this is something that you’ve wanted for a long timer – but you simply haven’t had the time or known where to even begin.

Thankfully, the Roof Knight team is here to help. We can clean every area of the outside of your home that you have been putting off but would love to see looking brand new again.

We have more than 35 years of experience, cleaning now only roofs and gutters, but residential and commercial properties throughout Brisbane, Ipswich and South East Queensland.

Effective Home Pressure Washing

We use a thorough pressure washing system to remove any dirt, mould, bacteria, graffiti, dust or paint from all kinds of surfaces. We adjust the pressure depending on the surface, ensuring that your property is thoroughly cleaned safely and without any damage. 

From the top of your roof all the way to your driveway, trust the Roof Knight team for full-service house washing services in Brisbane. Enjoy a sparkling clean home in no time thanks to our excellent workmanship.

Our House Washing Services

We’re the most highly recommended house washing company in all of Brisbane, able to clean any and all surfaces that you require to uplift the visual appearance of your home, or to get ready before listing on the market. Our attention to detail can’t be beaten by any other service provider in South East Queensland. Our Brisbane house washing service includes:

Need someone to clean that isn’t on this list? Call 07 3813 5660 and let’s have a chat about how to best accommodate your needs.

Reputable Brisbane House Washing Business

When it comes to protecting the integrity and appearance of your home, only use the services of trusted local businesses. Roof Knight is a family owned and operated business, and all of our team have the utmost respect for your property. We’re a team of professionals dedicated to providing all of our customers with outstanding results, no matter the job.

The Benefits of Exterior House Washing

Remove Harmful Contaminants

Our house washing services elevate the appearance of your home, and can help prevent the deterioration of your gutters, driverway, walls, patio and deck, and more. We remove all dirt and apply mould killer which stops harmful bacteria, lichen, fungi, and other common contaminants from spreading and damaging your property.

Save Money

That keeps more money in your pocket from not needing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on extensive repairs on multiple areas of your home.

Boost the Appearance of Your Home

After our house washing services, our clients are always amazed by the immense improvement to the look! Your freshly cleaned home can look like a new build with the help of the Roof Knight team.

Improve Your Home Value Before Selling

The exterior of your home, your driveway, roof, gutters and walls, are the first impression prospective buyers and agents will have when arriving at your property.

Putting your best foot forward here by ensuring all surfaces are as clean as possible can add thousands of dollars to the offers you receive. This is a cost effective, proven way to improve the outward appearance of your home.

Our House Washing Process

  1. Inspection

    Our team will discuss with you your needs over the phone or in person, and when we arrive we’ll inspect the areas of concern in your home. We’ll identify any presence of mould, lichen, rust, damage or decay, in order to come up with the best solution for your home


  2. High Pressure Cleaning

    Our pressure cleaning procedure is tried and tested to be the best, most effective and efficient for house cleaning in Brisbane. Pressure cleaning works wonders on your roof, gutter, driveway, patios and more. Removing both visible and microscopic bacteria, dirt, and other organic material that presents a risk to the outwards appearance and structural integrity of your home.
Driveway pressure cleaning Brisbane before and after

When to Use House Washing Services

Look for the appearance of:

  • Oil stains
  • Organic matter
  • Water damage
  • Dark patches
If you’ve noticed any of the above on your walls, driveway, pool area, patio or elsewhere, get it taken care of by the professionals you can count on. Arrange for a full house washing service by calling us today on 07 3813 5660.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wash my house myself?

It is recommended that you use a professional house washing company in Brisbane instead of attempting to DIY it yourself. Hiring a machine can cost more than a hundred dollars, not to mention the time it takes to properly clean a surface. Without training, you risk injury to yourself or those around you and also may not perform a thorough enough clean, removing all traces of dirt and organic matter.

Our experienced house washers know the best methods to safely and thoroughly clean a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, tile, brick, and concrete.

How much does house washing in Brisbane cost?

The price varies depending on various factors. If you only want part of your home cleaned, such as the driveway or gutters, this will cost less than an entire house wash. Call us today on 07 3813 5660 and request a FREE quote.