Many people know of the benefits Gutter Guard has in reducing your risk of fire due to travelling embers. However, many are not aware that it has other safety benefits for your home.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data, falling from a ladder is the most common cause of injury related to DIY’s and home maintenance. 63% of these falls result in fractures or serious breaks, and the majority of those injured are males between 45-75 years of age (i.e. you the homeowner!).

One common home task that requires ladder use is clearing and maintenance of gutters for the home and garages/sheds. In Queensland gutters can typically require clearing up to 4 times a year due to the warm climate and heavy downpours that result in an influx of debris and excellent growing conditions for all those weeds that like to set up home in our gutters.

Gutter Guard has been shown to reduce debris build up in your gutter, decreasing the need for constant cleaning. They can also stop birds and rats nesting in your roof and gutters. These critters often result in a large increase of debris and damage to your home. Gutter Guard can be installed on to your existing roofing, reducing the need to frequently clean gutters, reducing expensive cleaning bills for higher or more difficult to reach gutters, and you don’t have to share your home with unwelcome guests that can chew electrical cables in your roof or contaminate tank water.

If your house has gutters 2 or 3 stories above ground level, you should consider hiring a gutter cleaning service, like Gutter Knight, for once or twice a year cleaning regardless. It is too dangerous to clean gutters that high off the ground without specialist knowledge of working at a height.