Pressure washing Brisbane tiled roof in progress

When it comes to cleaning your house, it’s quite easy to think about the interior of your home. We all know the importance of keeping our floors, walls, appliances, and furniture clean, with the external part of your home often forgotten about. 

But keeping both the inside and outside of your home clean throughout the year is important, for not only aesthetic reasons, but to protect the health of you and your family.

Benefits of House Washing

Why consider house washing in the first place? Is it really necessary? Some of the top benefits include:

Update the look of your home

You will be amazed by the difference house washing can have on the outward appearance of your house. Professionally performed house washing can brighten and uplift, almost like your home has been repainted!

Add value to your property before listing on the market

Improving your street appeal can help you when it comes time to sell your house. Buyers are looking for homes that look clean, new, and ready to move in to.

Protect the structural integrity of your house

The appearance of dark patches, rust, or dirt/dust when running a finger down your exterior walls can be an indication that your house is vulnerable to damage from bacteria and grit weakening it. House washing can assist in taking care of these vulnerabilities.

Deter bugs and pests

Insects can be attracted to dirt, mildew, and mould. Pressure washing and cleaning this off of your roof and exterior walls can keep pests and creepy crawlies away, and even prevent infestations.

Remove and prevent mould and bacteria

Help protect your home from damage, and safeguard your family’s health. House washing will remove harmful bacteria and microbes lurking on your walls, gutters and roofs.

Whether it’s for the enjoyment and protection of your property, or you’re getting ready to sell, pressure washing your house is always a great idea.

The Best Time To Pressure Wash Your Home

Aim to wash your house on days when there is some sun out. This way, your home can quickly dry off and you will see great results faster. You may choose to do this in Spring and the end of a season, to get ready for the next quarter of the year with a fresh look.

How Frequently Should You Wash Your Home Exterior?

To answer this question simply, it depends. Generally, looking at your house and noticing if it looks dirty, dusty, or generally just a bit grimey will be a good enough indicator of whether or not it’s time to make an appointment with a professional house pressure washing company

You should also consider pressure washing your property when getting ready to sell. This is a simple step that can help improve the outward appearance of your home, and garner more interest and lucrative bids on your house.

If you’ve recently had severe weather (wind, hail, thunderstorms, bushfires), it might be necessary to wash your home. Leaves, dirt, and grime often accumulate on your roof, driveway. and walls during these extreme weather conditions, so it’s best to clean all of that grit off as soon as possible.

If you live in a humid climate, pressure washing may be needed more frequently as humid conditions can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew on your house.

Generally, before any repainting is performed on your home, it will need to be pressure washed to ensure a high quality finish can be achieved.

If your house isn’t exposed to any bad weather, is not sat beneath trees, and you’re not situated in a humid climate, it is recommended you get your house washed every 6 to 12 months, as part of regular maintenance. This helps preserve your home and eliminate any mould, bacteria, and dirt that you may not even be aware of.

Learn More About House Washing

Our Brisbane & Ipswich House Washing professionals are experts in the best home cleaning methods and determining whether house washing is required. If you’re in South East Queensland, feel free to enquire about our house washing services.