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The Roof Knight Gutter Guard team work with roofs all day, every day. We know how common of a problem possums and other vermin can be when they enter the roof of your home. While they may look cute and furry, possums are a real nuisance to residents throughout Australia. They’re often loud and obnoxious, thumping and growling in the middle of the night. The common brushtail is often found in suburban homes throughout Australia

Protecting your roof from invasive pests can give you peace of mind, nights of more restful sleep without disturbance, and prevent damage to your roof and gutters.

If you have a noisy marsupial upstairs neighbour you want to be evicted – you’ve come to the right place! This article will outline what you should do to remove possums from your roof, and more importantly, methods to prevent them from returning.

Ways To Remove Possums Yourself

Possums are protected species in Queensland and other states in Australia. This means that you should not attempt to touch and physically relocate a possum yourself. However, there are indirect methods that can be highly effective at encouraging and preventing these pesky critters from entering your roof.

If you know there are one or more possums in your home, the first thing to do is to acquire or build a nesting box. Place this box near where the possums are nesting in your roof with fruit inside to attract them. Find a tree that could become their new home, and place the box in this tree. This should encourage them to leave your roof and become adjusted to the new box environment so that when they’re eventually blocked from entering your roof, they know where to live.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Service

In Queensland, NSW, and other states, only licensed professional possum removalists are legally allowed to remove them from your property. Looking up ‘possum removal’ in Google and the Yellow Pages should give you plenty of choice of qualified removalists.

Professionals know exactly how to handle animals safely and can relocate them away from your property, helping to solve the issue. However, there is more for you to do to do after the professionals have visited your home or business.

Prevent Possums from Entering Your Roof

Simply relocating your possum temporarily won’t fix the problem. The same possum or different families may enter your roof if you don’t also take preventative measures to block their entrances and access points. Make sure you cover all open spaces into your roof. Before contacting professional possum removalists, try to observe where your possum/s is entering around dusk when they leave to forage.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutters are a common entry point for possums and other pests and vermin. Gutter Guards cover your gutters with high quality and durable metal mesh, preventing critters from crawling into your roof and making it their home. Gutter Guards also have other benefits for your roof, including preventing leaves, sticks, and other debris from clogging your gutters and causing damage.

Contact Professional Gutter Guard Installers

Rather than attempting to DIY it yourself, contacting experienced and qualified gutter guard installers can help ensure your gutters are properly covered. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing possums won’t be able to get into your gutters thanks to your professionally installed gutter guards. Problem solved!