It’s nice to see birds chirping right outside your window as you wake up. Unfortunately, it may be the case that these critters are already nesting in your roof gutters, causing issues. You might tell yourself at first that it’s okay and that their nests are harmless. However, it’s often the case that after some time, you find that these birds’ nests are causing more harm to your roof than you anticipated.


The Dangers of Nesting Birds on Your Roof 

Clogs the Gutters

The sticks, leaves, and other materials birds use for their nests will eventually clog your gutters. There is also the bird’s feathers and droppings that can go down and block the drains. 


Unsafe to the Human Health

Did you know that birds transmit up to 60 diseases to humans? Apart from that, they are also primary carriers of different viruses as they often fly from various places. You will be putting your family’s health in danger if you allow these critters to stay in your home for a long time.


Physical Damage to the Roof

The nests will not only clog your gutters, but also damage the exterior structures of your roof. Since their nests often collect water, it can cause moisture and mould build-up that soon affects interior parts of your roof if left unattended.


Disruption in the Air Flow

This is evident when birds build their nests on chimneys or near ventilation systems. Less fresh air travels inside your home. The parasite carried by birds may also be mixed in with your everyday airflow, which can be very harmful to your family’s health.


Ways to Stop Birds from Nesting

Use Distractions

There are several decoys available that scare away birds and prevent them from nesting on your gutters. These can even be owl-shaped and eagle-shaped ornaments which deter birds from landing in your gutters.


Bird Repellents and Spikes

These are sharp materials placed on your roof to make birds uncomfortable when they’re trying to land. Birds wont want to nest where there are spikes. The slight disadvantage of using this method is that you may need to replace these repellents more often since they fall out eventually.


Install Gutter Guards

An effective and practical way to prevent birds from nesting on your roof is to install gutter guards in your Brisbane home. It stops birds and other pests from building their nests, and it also adds to the aesthetic value of your roof. Fortunately, there are professional gutter guard installation services in Brisbane, such as the Roof Knight – Gutter Guard Guys, that you can easily get a free quote from.


How Roof Knight – Gutter Guard Guys Can Help

Our team at Roof Knight – Gutter Guard Guys understands the nuisance caused by birds building nests in your roof gutters. Hence, we make sure our gutter guard installation services provide the most suitable and effective solution. If you already have critters nesting on your roof, we also offer gutter cleaning services to prevent further damage to your roof.