Trusted Roof Washing Services in Brisbane

The Roof Knight team takes pride in restoring roofs throughout South East Queensland with a range of services, including high quality roof cleaning. Our clients are always amazed by the results of our services, and frequently become repeat customers. We’re a reputable roof cleaning Brisbane dedicated to excellent customer service, safety, great value, and unbeatable workmanship.

See your home in a whole new light with our Brisbane Roof Cleaning Service.

Colorbond Roof Cleaning

It’s important that your Colorbond/Iron roofing is regularly cleaned to help extend its lifetime and prevent costly restoration jobs. Periodic cleaning helps maintain the integrity and outward appearance of your roof. Airborne dirt, sticks, leaves, pollen, mould, and other elements in nature all frequently settle on colorbond roofs, causing problems. 

Rain and rust stains may start to appear if this is not cleaned off soon enough. A rusted roof cannot function properly and may lead to roof and ceiling leaks into your home. 

Fortunately, our specialist roof cleaners in Brisbane have years of experience cleaning colorbond roof and know the best ways of removing all debris without damaging the integrity of your sheets.

Tile Roof Cleaning

We clean all kinds of terracotta roofs, including those found on the popular ‘Queenslander’ style homes. We take care not to damage any of the fragile tiles on your roof during our process, but always remove all traces of dirt, mould, lichen, and algae.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

  1. Inspect Your Roof
    Our skilled roof restoration team will be able to assess the quality of your roof, both aesthetically and it’s integrity, to provide you with a recommendation for your roof cleaning process. If your roof is regularly cleaned and maintained, we may just need to give it a quick wash in order to keep it clean and remove any dirt and mould that has built up in the time since your last clean. If your roof is damaged or it’s been several months or years since cleaning, more thorough restoration may be beneficial.

  2. Apply Mould Killer
    If we identify any mould on your roof, our tradesmen will apply a highly effective mould killer that will get rid of any traces of mould, algae, and other bacteria, and discourage regrowth.

  3. Pressure Clean The Roof
    We use a sophisticated, highly effective pressure washing technique to clean your roof. This method is efficient and thorough with damaging your metal roof or roof tiles. We also provide gutter cleaning if this is required. Just check out these before and after photos and see the difference for yourself!

  4. Change Tiles, Apply Pointing, Primer and Top Coats as Required
    If your roof could use a little extra TLC, we may change the tiles and apply new pointing during the roof cleaning process. We can also paint your roof, adding primer and multiple top coats to really freshen up your roof. You know you will love how your roof looks just like a brand new installation!

Why Choose Us?

There are many roof cleaning companies in Brisbane, but there’s a reason our first-time customers choose to come back to Roof Knight time and time again, any time they require roof washing, repairs, or restorations.

  • Excellent Attention to Detail

  • Satisfaction to Guaranteed

  • Superior Pressure Washing Tools and Techniques

  • Experienced Brisbane Roofers

  • Full Range of Roofing and Guttering Services

  • Competitive Prices and Free Quotes

  • No Job is Too Big or Small

  • Full House Washing Available

pressure cleaning roof tiles in progress

We’re a zero-fuss service provider, working efficiently and not taking longer than is necessary to clean your roof. Unlike other roofers in Brisbane, we never leave a mess behind! We want our customers to be delighted by our work, which is why you can count on us for excellent customer service.

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Save Money With Maintenance Instead of Repairs

No matter what kind of roof you have, terracotta, cement, steel, or iron, in Brisbane each roof is exposed to the risk of damage from everyday exposure to nature.

Damaged tiles, rust, and holes in your roof can allow rainwater to seep into your roof cavity and cause significant damage. This can be expensive to restore, much more so than the maintenance cost of having a roof cleaning schedule.

Elevate Your Property’s Street Appeal

If you’re a property owner or manager thinking about selling your property, make sure you have your roof cleaned before it’s photographed and inspected by potential buyers! The improvement to your home’s exterior appearance can have an extraordinary impact on its selling power, with thousands of dollars being added to its value.

How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

A consistent schedule for cleaning your roof can help you mitigate damage to your roof and greatly increase its longevity. For residents of Brisbane and Ipswich, we recommend getting your roof professionally cleaned approximately once per year.

If your property is situated underneath trees or is exposed to severe weather and hail, cleaning may be required multiple times throughout the year.

Every few months take a look at your roof and pay attention to any dark patches, rust, or mould present to determine if a roof cleaning might be best for you and your family.

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