Professional Roof Cleaning

Look no further than Gutter Guard Guys for outstanding roof cleaning and maintenance service in Brisbane. Our team offers high-quality and affordable cleaning that will make your roof look new again. We’re a reliable and trustworthy family business made up of trained and fully insured roof cleaning experts.

Gutter Guard Guys has a reputation for the best roof cleaning in Brisbane – just ask our customers! Our team of roof cleaners have more than 35 years of combined experience, so you can depend on us for excellent results. Call us today for a quick FREE and no-obligation consultation on your roof cleaning needs. 

Why Do You Need Roof Cleaning?

Over time, your roof will develop stains, streaks and spots of fungus, moss and algae. If left untreated for too long, these can deteriorate your roofing material and cause structural damage. Having algae on your roof can also affect the temperature inside of your home, as the patches of growth will absorb more heat. These stains and growths will only become worse with time, affecting the durability and aesthetics of your roof. Cleaning your roof will keep your home looking beautiful, protect your roof’s integrity, and extend its lifespan. 

What To Expect With Our Roof Cleaning Service 

The first step in our roof cleaning service is providing you with a FREE quote based on the details provided by you. If needed, members of our team will conduct an in–person inspection of your roof. You don’t even need to be home during our visit, as our team will perform all the work on the outside.

Get peace of mind from knowing that your roof is free from stains and growths that could deteriorate the metal or tiles – potentially causing damage to the interior of your home. In addition to roof cleaning, our team is also able to repair your roof and install gutter guards if desired. 

Residential & Commercial Roof Cleaning Brisbane 

No roof cleaning job is too big or small for our team! We have over three decades of experience working on both commercial & residential roofs. We have the expertise to handle any roofing problem that we find, even the unusual and difficult ones. 

Our team understands that no house is the same and that each job should be approached with a set of unique solutions. Our highly knowledgeable & skilled roof cleaners are ready to provide you with tailored solution to your roofing problems.

Top half of white and grey Brisbane house with black tiled roof

Why Choose Gutter Guard Guy’s Cleaning Service?

There are many roof cleaning and maintenance services in Brisbane. But you will find no one better than the team at Gutter Guard Guys. When you use our roof cleaning Brisbane services, you’re guaranteed to receive: 

Experienced & highly professional roof cleaners 

Friendly & accommodating customer service 

The most competitive roof cleaning rates in Brisbane 

Hassle–free & mess–free services 

Fully licensed & insured team 

Whether it is your home or business that needs our roof cleaning service, reach out to our team today, wherever you are in Brisbane. 


Roofer pressure cleaning roof for roof restoration Brisbane home

Experienced Roof Cleaners In Brisbane 

Our team is properly trained to have your roof cleaned efficiently and most importantly, cost–effectively. Get in touch with us today if you want to increase the value of your home or business while retaining its aesthetic appeal. 

You can count on our fully licensed and insured team for fast and professional roof cleaning services. All our members are regularly trained to stay current with industry standards & to improve their safety awareness. 

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Afterall, the best form of advertising for any business is through word of mouth from satisfied customers. Our team makes sure to exceed the expectations of our customers with our roof cleaning Brisbane services. Give us a call on 07 3813 5660, or complete our contact form to request your professional roof cleaning.