Professional Roof Painting Services

Many Queensland homeowners are ready to update their homes with professional restorations and roof painting to give their property a modern and fresh look. There is a wide range of roof colours to choose from and our team is ready to help you match your existing colour, or pick a contrasting colour to suit your property. 

Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys are specialists in all things roof restoration, repairs and painting. Improve your home’s value with our high–quality Brisbane roof painting services. Call us today on 07 3813 5660 or make an online enquiry to discuss your specific needs. Get your free quote and see what our friendly team can do for you.

Roof pressure cleaning and painting roof restoration Brisbane

Benefits of Our Roof Painting Brisbane 

The benefits of our roof painting Brisbane service are two-fold: we’ll greatly enhance not only the aesthetic of your roof, but also the performance of your roof in terms of heat reflection and durability. A fresh coat of paint applied by professional roof painters in Brisbane can make your home stand out for all the right reasons. Roof painting will a greatly improve both traditional Queenslander homes & modern structures. 

Match the rest of your home’s exterior with a complementary colour or choose a contrasting colour scheme for a sophisticated look. Don’t hesitate to contact our team for expert advice on the roof colour most suitable for your property. You won’t find more experienced or knowledgeable roofers in Brisbane. 

We can readily paint your metal or tiled roof with your chosen high-quality paint, resulting in an amazing finish. Our team is also able to perform professional roof cleaning and repairs before applying a new coat of paint, if required. 


Our Services 

If you’re looking for the best roof painters in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place! Our team has more than 35 years of experience restoring roofs for countless happy clients throughout Brisbane and Ipswich. When well-painted, your roof will be prepared to withstand the harsh weather conditions typical of Brisbane and South East Queensland. Your roof will become more durable, lengthening its lifespan and saving you from requiring expensive repairs when damage is caused by heavy rain, wind, and sun. Protect your roof against deterioration with The Gutter Guard Guys’ quality roof painting Brisbane service.

As a local Queensland family-owned and operated business, customer satisfaction and performing quality work is our top priority. Our quality services and commitment to a high standard of workmanship is why we’ve received so many 5-star reviews and have plenty or repeat customers. Our team is dedicated to giving their 100% for all jobs and achieving excellent results for every roof that we have painted. 


35+ years experience 

Fully licensed, insured & skilled roofers

Local family-owned & operated business 

A reputation & passion for quality roof painting 


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The Cost of Roof Painting 

The cost of roof painting in Brisbane will vary depending on a number of factors. The size of your roof and its existing condition can change the cost due to the time and materials required to paint your roof. If you have extensive damage, dirt and other foreign matter on your roof, painting services may cost more because we may need to clean and repair your roof before applying a fresh coat of paint. For a FREE estimate on our roof painting Brisbane service, give our friendly team at The Gutter Guard Guys a call on 07 3813 5660. 

Signs That It’s Time To Paint Your Roof 

Have you started to notice that the paint on your roof is discoloured or has become faded? Has the existing paint started to chip away? Does your metal roof have areas of rust, mould, or even holes in the metal? It pays to keep an eye on the condition of your roof so that you know when it’s time to contact professional roof painters in Brisbane. 


If you’re not sure whether roof painting is right for your property, contact Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys. Let’s discuss your needs and our roof painting services to find you the ideal solution for your roof. 

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