Roof Repair & Replacement Service in Brisbane

Roof Knight comes with the expertise of the father-son duo who have been in the industry for many years with hundreds of happy customers. We are a fully licensed family run roof replacement business in Brisbane which believes in providing quality services to our clients.

Our team is fully equipped to replace any metal roof like but not limited to galvanised, stainless steel, zincalume. Roof Knight will take care of your roof replacement from the beginning till the end and will provide support in case of any rotten timber supports (if needed), taking care of all the safety measures according to Australian Building Regulations.

When you call, we will analyse your problem then and there, and quickly come up with a solution that is fit for you. Such quality and quick service has resulted in us being the first choice for metal roof replacement services in Brisbane.

Residential & Commercial Metal Roofing & Re-Roofing Specialists

Brisbane is a region with sunshine for most of the days of the year but the rainy season is accompanied with heavy thunderstorms. Such conditions expose your roof to extreme moisture which can easily damage it. The roofs become home to varieties of flora and fauna and need immediate replacement.

Not all roofs need a replacement right away. Some of the faults occur when some of the roof components get worn out before the rest of the roof. We provide an honest assessment and never suggest a full replacement if a repair is adequate. We will come to your property, assess your roof, provide a detailed report, and suggest a replacement only if needed.

Call Roof Knight for all your roofing needs in Brisbane and we’ll offer you the highest quality services in the best possible price. Our team of experts is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to take care of a variety of faults like cracks, gutter cleaning, leaks, etc.

Brisbane’s Roof Replacement Experts

Did recent storm affect your roofing? Is it damaged or blown away completely? Are you searching for roofing contractors in Brisbane or nearby areas? Well, you’ve reached the right place. We are roofing specialists, and we refer to ourselves as Roof Knights. We possess expertise in various types of Brisbane roofing services. Be it cleaning the roof, tile replacement, roof repairs, or re-bedding, repointing of tiles; we’re your one-stop-shop for roof-related services.

We extend our roofing services from installing, repairing to its maintenance as well. No matter what issue you may face, Roof Knights with their extensive experience can resolve it in no time. Hire our contractors for roof replacement in Brisbane to get it fixed, repaired, cleaned or painted.