Roofer pressure cleaning roof for roof restoration Brisbane home

Roofs play a crucial role in protecting your home from the elements. If you’ve noticed a problem with your roof, perhaps there’s a persistent leak, or your roof is rusted to an unignorable extent, you may be wondering how you should go about fixing it. There are different options available, from cleaning, to restoration and even a full roof replacement. But what do you really need to get the best value for your money, and the best results for your roof?

In this post, we’ll provide you with helpful information that can help make the choice between restoration and replacement a bit easier.

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration performed by experienced and qualified roofers is a great value-adding, cost saving option to improving and fixing your roof. With these services, your roof can be cleaned, and any necessary repairs or cosmetic enhancements can be performed. Once complete, your roof can end up looking as good as a newly installed roof. It’s important you don’t attempt to DIY your roof restoration, it should be performed by licensed professionals to keep you and your family safe, and to ensure a great outcome is achieved that won’t require revisiting in the near future.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacements involve an extensive process. Your roofer will likely use modern solutions and durable materials that offer great protection against the harsh Australian environment. You can choose a tile roof or metal roof solution based on the location of your property, aesthetics, and heat and sound insulating needs.


As a roof replacement is more extensive, requiring more materials, labour, and time to complete than a standard restoration, it will generally cost quite a bit more than restoration. A restoration will extend the life of your roof, while a brand new roof will last even longer. If only a portion of your roof requires repair work, this can end up being much cheaper than a full replacement, which is not always necessary.

Environmental Cost

When you choose to restore your roof instead of replacing it, you can help prevent an extensive amount of materials ending up in landfill. While some removal may be necessary, roof restorations often involve adding to your existing roof to improve it – patching holes, repointing tiles, or applying a new coat of paint.

Consider the age of your roof

Modern roofs in Australia are designed to last, and can often provide your home with protection for multiple decades. However, after about 20 years or so, if you’ve found issues with your roof, it may be the case that the materials used may be too worn or decayed with the passing of time, or there may be more modern solutions available to you that makes a full replacement a worthwhile investment. 

When Roof Replacement is Unavoidable

Generally, roof restoration is a great option to get great value for your money. However, depending on the age of your roof and quality of your roof tiles or metal sheeting, it may be necessary to arrange for a full roof replacement to ensure your home or business is properly protected from the harsh Australian weather conditions. If your metal sheeting is badly corroded, or a significant proportion of your roof tiles have become porous or cracked, a full replacement may be your best option.

If you’re located in Brisbane or Ipswich, the Roof Knight team provides free roof inspections and quotes. We’ll be able to determine what is best for your specific situation, be it a quick clean, thorough restoration, or roof replacement. Regardless of your decision, a roof restoration or roof replacement when performed by skilled tradesmen will provide lasting protection and add value to your home or business.