Are you planning on getting metal roofs for your home? Whether you’re constructing an entirely new house or replacing an old roof, there are many things to consider before settling down on a metal roof option.

Homeowners have a wide range of choices when it comes to traditional roof materials, such as asphalt, tile, and wood. However, several are beginning to choose metal roofing. This is because it paves more benefits than what most people expect.

Longer Expected Lifespan

Metal roofs can last from 20 to 70 years. This is usually the case if you choose a high-quality metal roof that is correctly installed. With regular maintenance services, you can get your metal roof for an extended period. Warranties will vary for every company. If it expires, you can hire reliable roofing contractors in Brisbane to help you maintain your metal roof in its best quality.

Easy Installation

An expert roofing contractor like Roof Knights – Gutter Guard Guys can install your metal roof quickly and with ease. Most materials have multiple shingle sections or wide panels that are easy for experts to put up. Also, having a shorter installation duration allows you to save up costs for the hourly service fees.


The weight of a tile can range from 750 to 900 pounds per square. In contrast, metal roof material would only weigh from 50 to 150 pounds per square. This means less effort for setting it up on your roof.

Lesser Heat Conduction

While science tells us that metal conducts more heat, it’s quite the opposite of metal roof materials. It comes along with the technology to resist heat and minimise it from transferring inside your homes. Rigid insulation foam is installed along with your metal roof that prevents homeowners from dealing with the midday heat.


Materials used in metal roofs are non-combustible and fire-proof. However, it pays to be extra careful and ask roofing experts to assess your roof’s fire tolerance compared to a typical fire-resistant rating.

Less Roof Pitch

You wouldn’t have to worry about the steepness of your roof when installing metal ones. It will only take about a 3-inch rise for every horizontal foot.

Better Rain and Snow Management

When it comes to winter or cold weather, there is not much to worry about your roof. The surface is durable and slippery, which gives rain and snow fewer chances to pile up. Dark tones in metal roofs also help in melting the snow. 

Hire an Expert Roofing Contractor

Deciding on the kind of roof material you want for your home is a major decision. What you put on top of your heads can be an investment that you and your family can enjoy over several years and even decades. To see if metal roofs are the right choice for your home, Roof Knight Gutter Guard Guys can give you the professional advice you need. They have been in the industry for several years and have delivered excellent roofing services ever since. Their knowledge and experience in roofs and gutter guards will help you get a clear overview of what you need and how metal roofs can impact your home. Ready to make a decision? Call the team today!