The Most Common Roof Problems

Roof problems are inevitable in the lives of every homeowner. You may not notice them quickly, but those problems are actually there. When you leave them unattended, they might eventually become a more severe problem. 

Remember that your roof plays a very crucial role in your house. It does not only protect you and your family from the harsh weather, but it also contributes to the overall foundation of your home. Any damage to it can affect the whole structure of your house. 

What are the most common roof problems you should look out for? Check out this list:

Roof leaks

Every homeowner will experience this problem for at least once in his life. That’s how common roof leaks are. It could be caused by broken shingles or cracked flashing. Either way, water finally finds a way into your house, and you will encounter more difficulty during a heavy downpour. 

These roof leaks tend to occur in these areas, and you might want to look out for them too:

– Flashing edges

– Near the chimney

– Skylights

– Around gutters

– Near damaged shingles

– Low spots or valleys

– Near pipes and vents

Poor installation

Some roofing contractors tend to get the job done with little to no efficiency. Such a problem later results to even more costly repairs. 

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Pooled water

A faulty roof design causes water to pile up in some parts of the roof. The lack or improper placement of drains and clogged gutters also results in pooled water. Because of this, those parts of your roof may become saggy and weaker. 

Improper repairs

Ever tried fixing your roof on your own? There’s nothing wrong with that. However, a single mistake may turn into significant damage. Prevent that from happening and call a roofing expert instead.

Tree damage

When branches fall unto your roof, they scratch its surfaces. This easily wears down the outer layer of your roof. 


This usually happens when your roof is covered with a synthetic rubber membrane. You can check out signs of shrinkage close to the flashings on the roof. 

Clogged gutters

Broken and clogged gutters usually lead to pooled water and rotting, which later develop to worse problems like mould build-up and critter nests.

Weathering and cracking

This is very common when your roof is aging or not getting sufficient gutter cleaning. Some parts of your roof start to crack and even fall off.


Blisters happen when there is moisture inside a shingle. Hot weather usually makes them worse. You can easily detect these when the paint starts to blister and bubble.

Small animals

Critters can build a nest in your roof. Not only do they damage your roof but often cause several sanitary problems as well.

Call Gutter Guard Guys for your roof problems

Homeowners must do regular maintenance and check-up on their roofs. When roof problems are identified early, you can save much time and money from highly costly repairs. Luckily, there are experts who offer roofing services in Brisbane and Ipswich like the Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys whom you can trust to help you with your roof problems.