As roofing specialists in Brisbane, the Gutter Guard Guys have experience repairing hundreds of roof leaks with a wide variety of underlying causes.

Even in Brisbane which has frequent storms, wild weather shouldn’t be the primary cause of your roof leaking. Quality, protected roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Has your roof recently sprung a leak and you’re wondering how it happened? Do you want advice on how to prevent leaks from springing in the future? This is the article for you.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Blocked gutters

Blocked gutters are one of the most common causes of roof leaks which we deal with on a weekly basis. 

Gutters left unprotected fill with leaves, twigs, pests and other foreign debris. This prevents water flowing away from your home, and instead allows it to build up and leak into your roof. It’s critical to ensure your gutters are regularly cleaned out and protected. You can install a Gutter Guard onto your roof, which is an effective way to prevent your gutters getting clogged.

Aging Materials

Roofs are designed to last and provide your home with protection for many years. However, over time the materials in your roof inevitably wear out, which can create a headache for you. When your roof tiles, gutters, flashing and other materials weaken over time, this can damage the integrity of your roof and allow water from rain and storms to enter your roof. If your roof is quite old, it may be necessary to contact a roof repair and restoration company to protect the value of your home or business.

Rust Holes in Metal Sheet Roofing

Metal roofing is made of aluminium, steel, or copper metals. Often these roofs are treated with a rust and corrosion protection coating. Even with this coating, many years of wear and tear and exposure to harsh sun, wind, and rain, can cause rust to form. This rust can create holes in your metal roof, leading to water entering your property. 

Rust holes can be repaired at an affordable cost, contact a qualified roofer to restore your metal roof and patch up rust holes.

Cracked Tiles

Tiles get damaged for different reasons, such as tree branches, possums, birds, and particularly in Brisbane and Queensland – wild weather and storms.

Broken tiles that don’t have protecting underlayers will lead to water entering your home, and before you know it you will notice water dripping from your ceiling. 

To prevent further damage that can be costly to replace, you should contact a trustworthy roof tiler to replace or repair your broken roof tiles ASAP.

Cracked Pointing

Roof pointing, the layer that goes on top of roof bedding, seals your roof and protects it from water, dust, and debris. When cracked, your home is unprotected from water entering through your roof. 

If your pointing is cracked, it’s recommended contacting reputable roofers for tile repointing services. This will secure your tiles, roof, and home from the elements, including heavy rainfall and strong winds. 

Improper Roof Installation

Poorly installed roofing and roof materials is unfortunately a common reason behind why your roof may be leaking. Poorly designed roof flashings, improper installation of skylights, and other installation issues can all be the cause of your roof leak. A roofing contractor may have improperly measured or fit a skylight to your roof, causing water to leak into the seams. This can cause drips onto your floor. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you’re receiving roofing services from professional companies and contractors who have excellent reviews and years of experience.

Have issues with a leaking roof in your Brisbane or Ipswich home or business? Contact the professional roofing team at Roof Knight Gutter Guard Guys. We can readily restore your roof!