Man repairing gutters for metal roof in Brisbane

Here at Roof Knight, we’ve got plenty of experience installing and replacing gutter guards. Many Australians are curious, what is the point of a gutter guard, and what benefits do they provide? In this article, we’ll explain the function of a gutter guard, so you can determine whether installing them on your home or business roof gutters is worthwhile.

Gutter Guards Explained

Gutter Guards, also known as gutter screens or gutter protection systems, are designed to keep foreign matter such as leaves, twigs and pests out of your roof. Typically, gutter guards are made of aluminium, nylon mesh or plastic. Their teeth-like grates catch debris and block it from entering your gutter, letting rainwater drain from your gutters and away from your home properly. 

Gutter Guards have an important function, as when leaves and other debris fill your gutters, it can cause them to clog, requiring you or professional gutter cleaners to remove the build-up. If left clogged, water from your roof may not properly drain and instead enter the inside of your roof, potentially causing a leak and leading to water damage. 

Another function of gutter guards is that they help keep critters such as pesky possums from making your roof into their nest or habitat. You can read more about this in this article on how to keep possums out of your gutters.

Do Gutter Guards Actually Work?

We know first-hand how effective gutter guards can be at preventing debris from clogging up your gutters, our business wouldn’t have as many satisfied customers as it does if the guards we installed weren’t up to the task!

Particularly if you have a persistent problem with leaves building up in your gutters and rainwater getting into your walls or foundation, gutter guards offer a great solution. They’re also ideal for keeping possums and other pests and insects out once and for all. 

With a professionally installed gutter guard, you can save time and money from regularly needing your gutters cleaned. No more having to climb up onto the roof every month, or following a wild storm to scrape out leaves, insects, nests or twigs. A gutter guard does the hard work for you.

Use Professional Gutter Guard Installation Services.

To ensure the best protection for your roof and property, use the services of professional roofers who specialise in installing gutter guards. If you’re in Queensland, you can contact Roof Knight Gutter Guard Guys on 07 3813 5660, and our skilled roofers will be more than happy to assist you with our excellent gutter guard installation service.