You never expected this moment, but when the rain started to pour, you saw droplets coming right from your ceiling. It’s basically raining in your living room. 

Roof leaks are a burden, especially if you have just figured it out during a heavy downpour. Luckily, finding and fixing those roof leaks are not as hard as they sound. All you need is a helping hand from a reliable roofing contractor in Brisbane, such as Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys. They can fix your roof, prevent any more leaks, and keeps your roof and gutters in tiptop shape.

In the meantime, here are a few steps you could do with a roof leak when help has not arrived yet:

Pinpoint The Area

Search which part of your ceiling is the droplets coming from. Once you do, take a closer look at it and its surrounding. Make sure any electrical equipment nearby is taken away from it. 

Prevent Water Damage

Minimise the damage as much as possible. Move appliances that could be nearby the leak. Put a plastic covering on the furniture to protect them. Keep any form of documents or valuable paper materials such as books and work files away from the area.

Contain The Water

Immediately place a bucket or any waterproof container below the leak to catch the water. If there are splashes, put an old T-shirt at the bottom and even around the bucket. If paint appears to bubble, this means it’s holding water. You need to gently puncture the bubble and catch the water in smaller containers. If the scenario is worse and water can no longer be contained, you might need to ask your roofing contractor to fix it ASAP.

Remove The Water

Once you have everything covered, start to dry off the things that have gotten wet. Wipe off water or moisture from furniture to prevent mold. Keep the buckets empty by draining them from time to time. Set wet rugs aside and hang them where ventilation is proper. 

Call An Expert

Now that everything seems to be in control, you can call a roofing contractor within your area. Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys are the go to roofing experts in Brisbane, and their level of expertise guarantees your roof will be fixed in no time. 

Describe to them the situation and its severity. Ask them to visit you the soonest time they can. Prolonging the wait or shrugging off the condition may only lead to even worse cases. 

Take Care Of It From Now On

The roof, just like any part of a home, needs to be regularly maintained. To do so, you can trim trees or branches nearby. Keep gutters and downspouts clean. Make sure pipe collars are not compromised. 

You can also ask for maintenance instructions from your roofing contractor. Another practical way to prevent any more leak is to schedule a regular roof inspection. That way, you not only keep your roof in its prime quality, but you also get to avoid experiencing a downpour in your own living room.