Gutter mesh gutter guard installation Brisbane

Are you getting a new gutter for your home? Don’t choose just yet! It’s important that you carefully select the right gutter for your property. Here are a few things you need to consider when deciding on a new gutter. 

Local Regulations

Know the rules. You must first check all relevant local regulations before choosing and installing a gutter. Properties in a historical area or those heritage listed will be restricted in their choice of gutter type and colour. The last thing you want is to install new gutters and have to tear them down because they violate regulations.

Curb Appeal

You want your home to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing, so keep your choice of gutter consistent with your exterior colour scheme and style. You don’t want to be the talk of the street for the wrong reason!


There are various types of gutter materials, each with its own pros and cons. Common types of gutters include vinyl, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, and wood. 


Vinyl gutters are easy to install, they don’t rust or corrode, and are relatively inexpensive. These gutters are an ideal choice for beach homes because the salty air won’t damage them. Being a light–weight material, you can even carry out installation and repairs yourself. However, vinyl does not brave the weather well and is known to become brittle and cracked in colder climates. 


With aluminium gutters, you can enjoy the benefits of vinyl gutters while not compromising on weather resistance. It is a popular choice with easy instalment and more affordable pricing. However, it is prone to dents and scratches which are hard to eliminate. 


Steel gutters are stronger and less susceptible to damage than their aluminium counterparts. However, steel gutters will rust and this will corrode the metal. They require more routine maintenance but will still last longer with diligent care. 

Stainless Steel 

Considered to be one of the best materials in the industry, you can’t go wrong with stainless steel gutters. They will not rust, they are dent–proof, and will retain their sleek appearance for years. The main drawback of stainless steel gutters is their price tag. 


Due to the emergence of materials with better durability and longevity, wood gutters have fallen out of favour. But nature persists and historical buildings often have wooden gutters to maintain their heritage look. These require regular maintenance and someone with experience to install. Make sure that your wood is treated prior to installation to mitigate water damage and rot. 

Rainfall Rate

Speak with Brisbane’s gutter guard experts to know the local rainfall rates and how large your gutter must be. Don’t buy smaller gutters only to find that they don’t give you adequate protection against rainfall. When speaking with your gutter installers, ask them if they also provide gutter protection services. In Brisbane, The Gutter Guard Guys will also provide you with quality gutter protection services and products to help counter the local rainfall rate. 

Types of Gutter Systems

There are two basic types of gutter systems: seamless and sectional. Seamless gutters will guard against water leaks and their higher price is offset by the fewer problems you’ll experience in the long run – as they are more durable and reliable. While the joints in sectional gutters make them structurally weaker and prone to sagging and leaks. Your choice will be influenced by your budget, rainfall rate and frequency of ice and snow, as a few factors.  Contact The Gutter Guard Guys to help you decide on which gutter is best for your home.