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Looking for a local Brisbane company that can effectively and efficiently clean your driveway at a great price? Look no further than Roof Knight. We’ve expanded our service offering to provide a wide range of high pressure cleaning services. Make your home or business look fresh and clean from top to bottom.

As house washing experts, you can trust us to get your driveway (or any other part of your home or business) looking as good as new.

Why Choose Us For Driveway Cleaning?

We’re an experienced team, dedicated to providing outstanding services for all of our residential and commercial customers. No job is too big or too small, and we always make sure to give 100% with every driveway cleaning service we provide. We’re highly recommended by both residential and commercial clients, so believe us when we say customer satisfaction is guaranteed!

Residents throughout Brisbane know they can count on Roof Knight whenever they need their driveways professionally cleaned. We don’t do things halfway – after we’ve visited your property, you’ll be left with a driveway that looks brand new! No mess is left after our visit. We pack up all our tools and materials, and your driveway will be ready to walk and drive upon straight away. Our team takes pride in their high-quality workmanship, and their attention to detail is unmatched.

  • Competitively priced

  • FREE quotes

  • The best quality workmanship

  • Highly effective pressure cleaning techniques

  • Able to clean all kinds of driveways

  • A full-service pressure cleaning company

  • Local Brisbane company

  • Attention to detail 

Pressure cleaned Brisbane driveway before and after

The Benefits of Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are a core component of just about any home or commercial property. They’re not just a place for cars – they’re high traffic areas that people walk upon each day. With so much daily wear, driveways a prone to getting covered in oil, mud, and even mould. This can cause multiple issues with your driveway, including damage to its integrity (leading to cracks in the cement, concrete or brick), or be a safety hazard due to a slippery surface of organisms coating your driveway. Periodic driveway cleaning performed by professionals helps to keep your property and your family safe.

Looking after the exterior of your property is particularly important if you want to list it on the market. The outside of your home is what potential buyers will base their first impression on, and having a clean, stain-free driveway helps to send positive signals. By investing in our excellent driveway cleaning services, you can add market value to your property and substantially enhance its street appeal.

Booking a professional driveway cleaning service is a convenient way of maintaining your property. Don’t waste time standing around around with a hose to spray down dirt and debris. Our team will get the job done efficiently, with outstanding results every time.

Add Value to Your Home

Create a Safe & Healthy Environment

Save Time

Our Professional Cleaning Process

How do we ensure a thorough driveway clean is performed every service? Here’s our process:

  1. Inspection
    We’ll visually inspect your driveway, making note of any particularly problematic areas, such as dark patches, or areas where mould is growing. Understanding your driveway material and condition will help to inform our cleaning procedures. This way, you get the best service and final product possible!
  1. Quality, Tried & Tested Driveway Pressure Cleaning
    We are experts in pressure cleaning for Brisbane properties. Pressure washing is highly effective at removing all kinds of debris, grit, and dirt from a wide variety of surfaces and materials. This procedure takes care of the grime without damaging your driveway. Find out why so many satisfied customers throughout Brisbane choose Roof Knight for all their pressure cleaning needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our attention to detail is second to none. As a family owned and operated business, ensuring our clients are satisfied with the services we provide is always one of our top priorities. View our full range of Brisbane pressure cleaning services, designed to be the best solution for residential and commercial external area cleaning.

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