Ipswich Roof Replacement Services

Are you looking for someone to replace the roof of your residential or commercial property? Roof Knight – Gutter Guard Guys, are highly experienced in all roofing and guttering services within the Ipswich area. We work our hardest to provide the best possible result for our customers, no matter the scale of the job.

We pride ourselves on pursuing the highest level of customer service, ensuring our customers’ homes are protected from the elements, and know that each completed job continues to reflect our well earned reputation.


Leading Roof Replacement Professionals

The founder of Roof Knight is Tim Brown, along with guidance and insights from his father Bill Brown, who has many decades of experience in roof replacement and the roofing industry more broadly in Ipswich. Tim has inherited his father’s passion for roofing and has extensive expertise in all aspects of roofing.

The team in Ipswich can replace a range of metal roofs, including; Zincalume, stainless steel and galvanised. Additionally, the crew can replace any roof tiles including, but not limited to; ceramic, clay, ceramic and metal. Our roofing expertise is broad and is reflected in the kinds of roofing services we provide within the Ipswich area, such as roof cleaning, replacing roof tiles, roof restoration, repairing roofs, rebedding roof tile and repointing roof tiles.

The team at Roof Knight work on the whole process of roof replacement, from the initial assessment and quote, right through to the completion of the job. The crew can even supply structural supports in case there are any rotten timber supports, all while abiding by the strict safety measures of the Australian Building Regulations.

Ipswich’s commercial and residential roof replacement services

Ipswich has a climate that boasts long sunny days for the majority of the year, but the wet season also brings heavy thunderstorms. This extreme weather puts a lot of pressure on your roof and, over time, may result in you requiring a roof replacement for your Ipswich home.

Different types of roofs wear differently, and not all roofs need replacing straight away when damage is spotted. Often faults occur with some segments  of a roof getting worn out before the rest. The team at Roof Knight offer an honest assessment and would never needlessly propose replacing a roof if a simple repair is all that is required. The team will come to your residential or commercial Ipswich property and assess your roof, give you a comprehensive report on the condition of your roof and only recommend replacing your roof if necessary.

Tiled Brisbane roof after pressure cleaning

 The importance of a well maintained roof

Everybody is aware of how important the roof of their residential or commercial property is, but less so when it comes to the importance of a well maintained roof. If left unchecked, an issue that would have been a quick fix may develop into something more problematic. The team at Roof Knight – Gutter Guard Guys not only have the expertise to replace your roof but also repair, restore and paint your roofs.

Get in touch with Tim and the team today for a competitive quote on all your Ipswich roofing needs, or learn more about us here.