Ways to Prevent Mould and Moisture on Your Roof

Long-time homeowners know that moisture and mould on the roof are huge hassles. If left untreated, they could lead to a whole list of serious roof problems. If you are a new homeowner, we know that checking for possible issues with your roof is often a very low priority. 

Moisture buildup on the roof is a problem most homeowners face at some point in their lives. So what’s the danger? Moisture can cause your roof to rot, making your roof deck sag. In the winter, trapped moisture under the roof can cause even more damage when it freezes. The moisture could create cracks in your roof’s structure, leading to potentially devastating roof leaks. It could also help moss and fungus grow on your roof.

So, how can you prevent moisture and mould from building up on your roof?

Bleach Spray

The old method used for cleaning algae and mould stains is a spray of chlorine bleach and water solution. Let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse with a garden hose. Do not wash it off with a pressure washer as this can damage your roof. The disadvantage of this method is that bleach can damage shingles if left on for too long or not entirely washed off. Use this method with caution. 

Trim Tree Branches

Trimming tree branches prevents leaves from dropping directly onto your roof. This will mitigate the problem of wet piles of leaves sticking to your roof and trapping moisture. By trimming your branches, you are reducing the risk of them scratching and damaging your roof. If you need to have your roof fixed, you can hire professionals who can do roof repairs in Brisbane.

Clean Debris

Simply cleaning your roof every once in a while can significantly reduce the chance of moisture and mould buildup. Make sure to set a regular schedule for cleaning your roof, and be careful not to climb any ladders in wet, windy, or unsafe conditions. 

Keep the Gutters Clean

Another simple method to prevent moisture and mould is to stop stagnant water from sitting in your gutters. To keep your gutters clean with less hassle, you can install quality gutter guards in Brisbane. Gutter guards help water drain down the chute to mitigate flooding, while also keeping debris and pests out.

Upgrade Your Shingles

Algae-resistant shingles are already available on the market. Upgrading to algae-resistant shingles can significantly reduce the number of times you need to check on your roof. Alternatively, copper and zinc strips can be added to your roof to prevent algae and mould buildup. If you wish to have your shingles upgraded, check out our roof services in Brisbane.

Proper Ventilation

Keeping your roof properly ventilated regulates its temperature. Adequate temperature regulation can prevent moisture from ever building up on your roof’s structure – particularly snow and ice dams in winter.

For reliable and professional advice on preventing moisture and mould on your roof, contact Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys.