man repairing gutters

Here at Roof Knight, we know just how excellent gutter guards are. They help prevent leaves and debris from filling your gutters and causing blockages and roof leaks. Now that it’s December, many of us will soon be hanging up our holiday decorations. Many people wonder, when it comes to hanging icicle Christmas lights, do gutter guards get in the way? Is it even possible to hang them? It turns out that there are multiple fairly easy ways to install festive lights on your roof when you have gutter guards. Let us explain.

Safety First

Before we get started on the best methods for putting up your holiday lights, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of being safe when you do so. Inspect your ladder before using it to make sure there’s no damage or issues before attempting to climb it. Secure it in place or have someone hold it. Don’t attempt to climb up if the weather is bad – wet, windy, icy or other conditions that could put you in danger. Make sure you don’t overload your power socket or leave lights and cords in areas where people are walking. Make sure you don’t use nails or staples to hang lights, as this can cause an electrical hazard.

Test Your Lights

It happens all too often this time of year. People are eager to get their lights up and show off their Xmas display, only to stand back ready to admire their work and… one or two of the lights aren’t working. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by making sure you plug in your lights before going to the effort of hanging them up.

Okay, on to the methods for attaching lights to your gutter guard roof.


There are certain clips that allow you to attach lights to the front of your gutters even with a gutter guard. These work like clamps that are large and sturdy enough to cover your gutter and gutter guards. Just make sure they’re designed for outdoor use.


You can find metal and plastic hooks online which will fit within the holes of gutter guards and mesh. The front of the hook will stick out in front of your gutter, securely keeping your lights in place. They’re quite easy to install, and when traditional clips don’t fit on gutter guards, hooks are a convenient solution. However, be aware there is a risk of the hooks damaging the holes of your gutter guards.

Attach Lights to Shingles Instead

A simple solution if you have a shingled roof, clip your lights to your shingles instead of your gutters. This works by placing the clip so it hugs above and below your tiles while holding your light. Again, be aware that there is always an inherent risk of damage to your tiles when attaching clips to your roof tiles.

Adhesive Clips

Adhesive clips are a common and easy method for decorating. You can clip them underneath your gutters to easily hang up lights. However, make sure you check the brand you choose is designed to be used outdoors and is weatherproof. Otherwise, they may not stick and you could end up with a rather sad looking ground-level light display!

Beware of Damaging Your Gutter Guards

With all of these methods, you will either be attaching plastic or metal to your gutters, roof shingles, or gutter guards. That means there’s always a risk of scratching or damage to your gutters and roof. This is a risk you should consider when deciding on your lighting display. The safest practice would be to avoid hanging lights from your gutters and instead decorate in different ways. There are many lawn display lights that can be installed that look equally festive, fun and bright. If you’re concerned about damage to your gutters, this is a great alternative while still spreading the festive spirit and joy.