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Throughout Australia, Colorbond roofing is a popular choice for metal roofing solutions. While a great, durable, and flexible material, over time the colour on your roof may have faded, or the paint may have chipped. This is especially common in Queensland where exposure to harsh sun, and extreme weather events including strong winds and hail can accelerate the speed at which your roof degrades.

It’s a common question for plenty of Australian homeowners, can I paint my Colorbond roof? If so, how do I do it properly? The simple answer to the question is that yes, it is very possible to apply a fresh coat of paint to a Colorbond roof. In this article, we’ll explain how.

When Should You Repaint Your Colorbond Roof?

Unsure if a repaint is necessary? If you’ve noticed the following, on your home’s roof, it’s probably worth contacting a professional roof restoration service to provide an assessment and quote on your roof.

  • Fading, dull appearance
  • Stains, dark patches or rust spots.
  • Flaking or bubbling paint
  • Exposure to saltwater from living close to the ocean

You may have recently purchased a home with a Colorbond roof that is not quite to your taste. Repainting your roof to match your specific preferences can help you enjoy and get more value from your home.

How To Paint a Colorbond Roof

Painting a metal Colorbond roof is a different and more complex process than painting a concrete roof. It requires a multi-layered approach and a careful process to ensure a clean, bright finish is achieved.

It is best to leave repainting to professional painters. This way, you’re getting peace of mind of knowing a high-quality finish will be achieved. Professionals also follow safety standards and are highly trained, so you don’t have to risk injuring yourself by getting up on your roof.

The process for repainting a Colorbond roof will generally follow a process of:

Assessment of condition, cleaning, priming, and finally, painting.

Professional Roof Restoration & Painting Processes

Qualified roof painters can breathe new life into your home. It’s a worthwhile investment to have your roof professionally painted, as it can actually save you money in the future by preventing the need for constant restorations due to damage caused by improper painting work.

The roof painting process will generally consist of the following stages for Colorbond roofs:

Step 1 – Assess the Current State of Your Roof

During the assessment phase, your roof painter will take note of the existing condition of your Colorbond roof, noting its colour, any flaking, rust, or damage that is present. From there, they can develop a plan on how to best apply a new coat of paint to your roof.

Step 2 – Clean Your Roof

Before going ahead with painting your roof, it should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a clean and smooth paint finish can be achieved. The industrial high-pressure cleaners commonly utilised by roof painters are often highly effective at moving dirt, grit and other debris without damaging the integrity of your roof and home.

Without a thorough and proper cleaning of your roof, the paint may not adhere correctly, and flaking and rust may appear sooner than they should. This process will therefore improve the longevity of your roof.

Step 3 – Priming & Painting Your Roof

After it’s cleaned, a primer can be applied to your roof before painting. It may not be necessary considering the condition of your roof and whether the Colorbond roof paint of your choice is self-priming. However, if your roof is showing signs of significant rust and damage, a primer may be beneficial to ensure maximum binding to your metal roof. A top coat primer helps to seal your colour to your roof and offers additional protection against the elements.

A key step is to test a patch of your Colorbond roofing before applying paint to the entire roof, this will save you time and money if there’s an issue with the colour or primer.

Now, it’s time to paint. Not just any paint can be applied to Colorbond roofing, contact a professional roof painter to learn which paint you need, or use the same brand of paint you original roofing had.

Colorbond roof paint is applied with an airless spray gun which ensures a great bind and even coverage. Using a roller isn’t recommended, as your paint may not adhere as well. Not to mention the extra time it can take to cover your entire roof!

The Cost of Repainting a Colorbond Roof

The cost of repainting a roof will vary on different factors. You should avoid attempting to DIY it yourself, as there are many specialised paints, primers, cleaning equipment, application tools and other gear necessary to perform a proper repainting job.

Different businesses throughout Australia will have their own rates. The size of your roof and its existing state will likely play a major factor in determining cost. Our advice – call around and get quotes from various roof painting service providers.

Make sure to look for reputable companies, as very cheap offers are often ’too good to be true’ and you could receive services from an unqualified contractor or business. This could leave you with a patchy paint job, or incorrect paint that doesn’t properly adhere and will flake quickly.

Colorbond Roof Painting in Brisbane

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