Gutter cleaning leaf build-up and soccer ball in gutter Brisbane home

When it rains, it pours — literally. Gutters play an essential role in the roofing system by preventing rainwater from accumulating on your roof and causing flooding. Without gutter guards, the damage to your roof from flooding can escalate quickly, along with the cost of repairs. 

With the right gutter guard, you’ll keep spillways from flowing freely and you’ll be saved from trying to fix clogged gutters.

Factors To Consider 

There are a number of factors to consider when making sure that you’re getting the right gutter guard for your home or business. You’ll need to decide who will install the gutter guards as well as weigh up the pros and cons of both standard and commercial gutter guards for your property. 

Deciding on an Installer 

You can install the gutters guards yourself or seek professional roof services in Brisbane. There are a number of advantages to hiring experienced installers for the job, such as professional gutter cleaning services and ensuring that the gutter mesh is installed to completely cover your gutters for maximum effectiveness. 

Standard vs. Commercial Grade Gutter Guards

You’re presented with two options for your roof replacement in Brisbane, but which is best suited for your property — standard or commercial-grade gutter guards? 

Standard Grade Gutter Guards 

Standard gutter guards are typical, residential–sized gutter covers suitable for any Brisbane home. They effectively keep out debris and prevent seeds from sprouting in your gutters. Standard gutter guards are easy to install over new or existing gutters and can be purchased from any good roofing supplier. Overall, they are a cost–effective option.

Commercial Gutter Guards

On the other hand, commercial gutter guards are an upgrade from the standard gutter guard. This type of gutter guard comes with unique customisation to ensure maximum efficiency for the flow of rainwater on flatter roofs or for properties in areas of high rainfall. Generally, commercial gutter guards can hold more rainwater and drain it faster from the roof down the spout. 

Commercial gutter guards are most suitable for properties such as office buildings, warehouses, schools, and hospitals. Overall, it’s not a simple installation process and an experienced gutter guard installer is highly recommended. 

Which Would You Choose?

Although standard grade gutter guards are most suitable for homes, many homeowners will upgrade to commercial guards in order to handle more debris and for superior gutter maintenance. To make this decision, you need to consider your area’s rainfall rate, whether your roof is too flat for standard guards and how much debris your gutters normally collect. 

Gutter Guard Experts 

For the best value gutter guards, contact Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys to provide reliable, prompt service at a competitive price. It’s a good idea to hire experts and seek advice from experienced roofing contractors in Brisbane who will help you make an informed decision. Contact our team and learn which gutter material is right for your property.