Pressure cleaned grey metal roof with two whirlybirds installed Brisbane

As your house gets older, so does your roof. Many homeowners will choose to replace their roof instead of restoring it, but end up prioritising aesthetics over all the costs involved. A variety of factors will affect the overall cost of your roof replacement. We recommend that you do your research and be well-informed so that there are no surprises. 

Size & Pitch of the Roof

It is true that the larger the roof, the more substantial the cost of its replacement. However, a roof’s size is not the only factor affecting the total roof replacement cost. You should also observe the pitch of your roof (the steepness of a roof’s slope). Unless you already have or would like a relatively flat roof, your roof’s pitch will contribute to the size of the area to be covered. 

Labour Costs

You’ll find that quotes vary among contractors. Fortunately, there are roof replacement services in Brisbane that can deliver quality roofing at a competitive price. If you plan to partner with a roofing contractor, make sure that they have both a good portfolio and reputation for excellent customer service. 

Roof Materials

The type of material you’ve chosen for your roof replacement will largely affect the total cost. Generally, a terracotta roof is more expensive than installing a metal roof. If you choose terracotta tiles, you will need additional support for your roof bracing, creating an extra expense. If you are not sure what material type is most suitable for your roof, you can ask a professional roof contractor to help you with your decision. 

Other Enhancements

Many homeowners will choose to add enhancements to their roof while it’s being replaced. It’s the perfect opportunity to add features to improve the efficiency, style, and durability of your roof. There are also a variety of pragmatic enhancements to add comfort and better ventilation for your home, such as whirlybird installation. 

Quality Yet Cost-Effective Roofing Services in Brisbane & Ipswich

Do your research and hire professionals to give your roof the upgrade it needs. If you want the best roof replacement and restoration services in Brisbane, contact Roof Knight – The Gutter Guard Guys. As highly experienced roofing contractors, they can address all types of roofing needs to make your roof look as good as new. Want to know more about their services? Contact the team today.